TBI and PTSD Education, Training, Motivational Speeches

Traumatic Brain Injury/ Post-Traumatic Stress  EDUCATION, TRAINING and MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES

A veterans’ journey after the injuries of TBI(traumatic brain injury) or PTS (post-traumatic stress) will greatly benefit if the community the veteran lives in has a clear understanding of what traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder brings to a survivor’s life.  Understanding is the key that opens the door to successful rehabilitation and reintegration into their communities.

The Arms Forces brings about greater understanding of the invisible wounds of TBI and PTS through education and organizational culture.  Veterans services and supports that exist, do not adequately match the deficits that TBI and PTS can bring.  We believe education is a key way to bring about change.

The Arms Forces educates and trains:

  • Government and military entities, veteran organizations, social service organizations, vocational rehabilitation counselors, developers, job coaches, disability service staff, Veteran Service Officers, mental health staff, drug and alcohol rehabilitation staff, state organizations, community and nonprofit organizations, and many others who have an interest in veterans and veteran issues.

Lack of education about traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress  leads to lack of understanding which brings about myths and the end result is STIGMA.

Our educational and inspirational trainings, speeches and presentations have received high acclaim!

Our lead presenter, Pam Hays, The Arms Forces Founder and President brings an intimate look into a life with TBI and PTS.   Pam is a severe traumatic brain injury survivor and shares her common bond with so many veterans across our country who have shared their stories with her.

Her approach is to provide information in a manner that:

  • is easy to understand
  • is personal by sharing stories of veterans who have invisible wounds and the challenges they are facing in their daily lives
  • offers practical guidance on ways to assist veterans
  • uses humor effectively
  • encourages others to become involved in awareness of veterans issues and to raise the consciousness of citizens as to “the true face of TBI and PTS”
  • creates an environment where change in the services and supports for invisibly wounded veterans are welcomed and will result in positive change in the lives of our veterans with TBI or PTS.

If you are interested in training or a speech customized for your group or organization, please contact Pam by email hope@thearmsforces.org or by phone 419-891-2111.  References are available upon request.