What our name and logo represent

There are literally thousands of organizations that assist our military veterans.  By listening to many veterans stories across our country we found that there were many unique needs of invisibly wounded veterans that still needed to be addressed.  We developed our LIV 4; Life Integration 4 Veterans program to match those needs.  Our organization gets asked frequently about our name and our logo.  Our name is a play on words taken from the term for all the branches of our military service personnel, the Armed Forces.  We say we are the “softer side”, we hug people! 

We are not part of the Military’s Armed Forces, but our organization works in partnership with all branches of the military, government and other organizations to coordinate services and develop the best system to successfully reintegrate veterans in their communities. Our LIV 4 Life Integration 4 Veterans program is changing lives!

Our logo, two outstretched arms, one red and one blue represent our mission.  We are embracing military veterans with TBI, PTS and other invisible wounds and the families who love them in many ways that you can learn more about on the Services page of our website.  The blue arms are for the veterans and their families.  The red arms are citizens, who are committed to lifting up and giving back to our country’s veterans whose sacrifices don’t end on the battlefield.  Citizens who donate their time and resources to The Arms Forces can see the direct relationship between their dollars donated/time spent and the higher quality of life that is possible for the veterans we serve.


The Arms Forces provides a caring heart and a listening ear that helps educate, empower and facilitate change for military members and veterans who have a traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress resulting in better outcomes for their lives.


The Arms Forces is a nonprofit organization that embraces the unique needs of veterans who have a traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress.  We develop and maintain a network of trained volunteer Life Navigation Coaches who give individual assistance to our wounded warriors who have the invisible wounds of war, at no cost to the veteran.  We provide support to families and loved ones through our LEEF Support Experience (Lifting up, Educating, Empowering Families).  We bring about change in the stigma attached to such injuries by raising the consciousness of citizens as to what TBI and PTS are and what they are not, through educational presentations, speeches and organizational culture.

 The Arms Forces Founder, Pam Hays, is a severe traumatic brain injury survivor. She not only understood the gap in services that existed for civilians, but found that there was a critical gap in services for military veterans with invisible wounds. Through research, observation and assessing the current system of supports and services that exist for our veterans, it became clear to her that those whose injuries did not require higher levels of medical care were falling through the cracks when it came to services that adequately met a veteran’s needs.

 The Arms Forces has found a way to bridge the gap in service delivery, as well as provide support resources for invisibly wounded veterans and their families, and to be a provider of “real life information” training for individuals, organizations, nonprofit, social service, and government agencies so they can better serve veterans.

Our partners:

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