30th Aug 2012 | Posted in: PTSD 0
You don’t usually see a worm until the rain comes. I was thinking about this the other day as I was being drenched going from appointment to appointment without an umbrella! (another TBI moment of forgetfullness trying to understand where my 4 umbrellas might be hiding..LOL). Many times in our lives we think we have a pretty good handle on things…until….the storms come. Then, the “worms” in ou…

r life come crawling to the surface. We are patient, but only when things are going our way. We are kind, but only when we are being treated kindly. We are open to listening to the other side, but only if they don’t press too hard. We consider ourselves smart, until power rids of our common sense. We say with pride we have “good character” until someone betrays us and the worms of vindiction and gossip creep in. Beware of the slimy worms. They will turn into snakes and choke the goodness out of your life!!

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