The Arms Forces Founding Principles
3rd Jan 2012 | Posted in: PTSD, TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, Veterans 0


People are the same more than they are different.

Look for the common threads and begin weaving relational tapestries based on trust, respect, dignity, empowerment, and individual goals, desires and beliefs.

 Be kind; don’t just act it.

 Learning the skills of a “Wounded Healer” can change your life along with others.

 Having a purpose in life that gets you up in the morning is as important as the food you eat to nurture your body both physically and mentally.

 A person reaching out to help others is a circular movement, not linear.

 Learning should be a lifelong goal and the best learning comes from the experiences and people you share life with.

 Programs and services only work if the people they were developed for actually use them.

 How much money was spent does not necessarily equate to lives positively changed.

 Sometimes you just have to do something.

 Disabilities are many times just doorways to new abilities. 

 When your head hits the pillow at night, if one life was made just a bit better by what you did that day, then close your eyes in peace.

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