Last Sunday of September; Gold Star Mothers Day

The last Sunday of September is Gold Star Mother’s Day. GSM are those who have lost their child(ren) from war wounds.

I thought about the color GOLD and all that it represents and how it fits these strong women who many have taken their losses and turned them into triumphs by helping others.

Gold is known for its’ great worth and its’ rarity. You must sift through a lot of dirt and stones to find the solid rock that shines brightly. Gold is strong and though you can beat it with another stone, it will withstand the pressure. Gold is admired and used as a measure of great worth; gold standard, gold seal of approval, worth its’ weight in gold.

There is also a saying “All that shines is not gold”. But, I know for sure from the many Gold Star Mothers The Arms Forces is blessed to know, that these women SHINE in the face of great adversity and along with their family members have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

If you think you don’t know a GSM, think again. Most likely there is one involved at your child’s school, or a grandma who volunteers, or the lady in the other cubicle, or your insurance agent or real estate agent. Maybe she is your hairdresser or your nurse. Sadly, she could be the woman who is homeless, the woman you see crying at the grocery store, the woman who used to have many friends and smile broadly and now isolates.

Today, as you watch football, eat some great food, spend time with your children and grandchildren, REMEMBER, many have paid a high price for the rest of us to enjoy our freedoms. Keep enjoying life and find ways to keep our country’s freedoms intact in our daily life. This is how we can honor the fallen and their families. A free USA is why they died. May God CONTINUE to bless our country with the freedoms we have known and the reason so many have become Gold Star Mothers. God bless each and every one of you who are Gold Star Mothers. Today and every day, we honor you and remember!

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