Day 26 TBI Challenge for CHANGE for Veterans
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Day 26 The last weekend of the Challenge for CHANGE

Remember!! The 31 Day TBI Challenge for CHANGE during March, Brain Injury Awareness Month, consists of just two parts:

1.) Please learn something new about TBI every day. We will be posting an article daily on our Facebook and website pages to make it easy for you to learn. Today’s article is below.

2.) Help facilitate CHANGE by partnering with The Arms Forces by assisting us in continuing our efforts for invisibly wounded veterans by collecting your CHANGE daily and at the end of March donating the money to The Arms Forces. (contact information below) Create a jar and label it:

“The Arms Forces CHANGE for TBI” and put it out where you and others will see it. When someone asks you what it is all about, share with them a bit about what you have learned about TBI. Share stories of the people you will learn about through our posts on Facebook and how their lives have been forever changed by their injuries.

If collecting change every day is not your thing then be a part of the CHANGE by making a donation to The Arms Forces through our website or by mailing a check to the address below.

Day 26 The last weekend of the Challenge for CHANGE

It is the weekend so I won’t be writing an article, but instead of our usual weekend video or online article, I am asking you to reread some of the articles from the past few weeks.  The easiest way to find them is to go to the website blog and at the bottom of the page click on “More entries”. Many times when we reread an article, something new pops out at us that we missed the first go around. Most of the Articles give you a title of what the article is about, which might help you decide which article to read again.

TBI survivors many times have difficulty reading.  Sometimes the words jump around a page, dizziness that interferes with making your eyes go across a page, or even a tendency to have letters jumbled, like in dyslexia.  For others, the reading problems stem form the lack of ability to focus for certain periods of time.  Rereading things is very common for TBI.

The first year of my injury I would pick up a book and begin reading it from back to front.  I would go chapter after chapter and not realize I was doing this.  Obviously, I was turning pages, but not actually comprehending since books are not written to be read from the back to the front!  Reading become so difficult that I almost gave it up. But, I had a great thirst for knowledge about my new brain and wanted to absorb all I could about traumatic brain injury.  I found that reading online was easier for me. I could click from one article on one page when I got bored, or antsy and losing focus, and go to the next and read part of that, then the next and so on until I was somehow getting a complete picture of the subject matter.

As with many of my fellow TBI survivors, I still have difficulty reading.  I like a certain “condition” or environment to read.  Certain lighting, sound, taking breaks and dissecting reading into manageable chunks of material are all important to me to be able to get through whatever it is I want to read.

Reading the Bible was easy for me because it didn’t matter if I read it from back to front, or skipped all over it.  I was still getting the meaning of the message.  Actually, without turning to this Book to read, I am not sure I would have learned that the brain can pick up pieces of information here and there and create a manuscript of information in the brain.  If I hadn’t learned how to do this new method of reading, and turned to online reading,  I would not have become as educated as I am on traumatic brain injury.

This weekend,  skim the articles in the 31 Day TBI Challenge for CHANGE for Veterans, pick up what your brain is leading you to pick up and learn a new thing or two.  Next week we conclude our 31 Day Challenge with 4 more articles!  Have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by!!

With open arms,

Pam Hays

Founder/President and severe TBI survivor

The Arms Forces

PO Box 981

Maumee, OH 43537

419-491-1555 –email

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