Day 13 TBI Challenge for CHANGE for Veterans
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Day 13-To know a little less and to understand a little more: That it seems to me is our greatest need”.

James Ramsey Ullman


Remember!!  The 31 Day TBI Challenge for CHANGE during March, Brain Injury Awareness Month, consists of just two parts:

 1.)    Please learn something new about TBI every day.  We will be posting an article daily on our Facebook and website pages to make it easy for you to learn. Today’s article is below.

 2.)    Help facilitate CHANGE by partnering with The Arms Forces by assisting us in continuing our efforts for invisibly wounded veterans by collecting your CHANGE daily and at the end of March donating the money to The Arms Forces. (contact information below) Create a jar and label it:

“The Arms Forces CHANGE for TBI” and put it out where you and others will see it.  When someone asks you what it is all about, share with them a bit about what you have learned about TBI.  Share stories of the people you will learn about through our posts on Facebook and how their lives have been forever changed by their injuries.

If collecting change every day is not your thing then be a part of the CHANGE by making a donation to The Arms Forces through our website or by mailing a check to the address below.

Day 13-To know a little less and to understand a little more: That it seems to me is our greatest need”.

James Ramsey Ullman

It is the weekend, so a short message for today.  The quote above is one that I found when I first was thinking about forming a nonprofit to assist veterans with invisible wounds.  It has become the “pillar of change” that The Arms Forces has built its foundation on!

Research showed me years ago and continues to show me that there is a great deal of KNOWLEDGE on traumatic brain injury.  The KNOWLEDGE base is growing with the huge amount of dollars being spent in areas of research for brain injury, yet still behind other diseases/disorders that affect less people. 

But, what I many times find, is that knowledge does not necessarily lead to UNDERSTANDING.  A lot of seminars, trainings, speeches, conferences I have attended address the areas of brain injury from a statistical, medical view, based on large groups of survivors;  certainly not the needs of individuals on a long term basis.  Diagnosis is an area of research that is finally getting the attention it needs because “best practice” and funding for programs and services are based on number diagnoses.  There are gaps in the research, the trainings, the services;  the gaps, in my opinion, stem from a lack of UNDERSTANDING.  If we know that a survivor has a difficult time processing information, why do the providers of services to TBI survivors rattle off information so quickly when you call in for services?  Such a tiny example and may seem insignificant to someone without a TBI.  But, to someone who spent weeks, months or years to finally make a call and reach out, then they are given a “speech” in a quick voice by someone who gets annoyed by them asking them to repeat things and to slow down, this is one good example of how a TBI survivor’s needs are not UNDERSTOOD. 

Now, take those “little” frustrations and add them together over days, weeks, years and you have someone who has to LEARN TO ADJUST to a system of supports and services rather than what should be, THE SYSTEM OF SUPPORTS AND SERVICES MATCHING THE SURVIVOR’S NEEDS”. 

There is no actual “system of care” for a brain injury survivor.  Throughout the next few weeks we will disuss this more.  As you are LEARNING more about TBI during The Arms Forces’  “31 Day Challenge for CHANGE for Veterans”, engage the part of your brain that processes emotion.  Only through developing an emotional connection between ourselves and a TBI survivor, can we take what we are learning and turn it into UNDERSTANDING!  

Being UNDERSTOOD is the thread that runs through every single human being to tie us to each other and to create a “community of caring and understanding” whether in our own homes, our cities, our country or our world!!!

 What are YOU “sowing” today with the threads in your life;  your time, your resources and your actions?

With open arms,

Pam Hays

Founder/President and severe TBI survivor

The Arms Forces

PO Box 981

Maumee, OH  43537

419-491-1555 –email

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