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The WAR that veterans face in our communities as they put their lives back together after traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress is one that we are not yet winning in our country! We may not see the war that exists for them, but the invisible war of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress is a battle that is fought from within!!

The Arms Forces nonprofit organization has a WAR-AT-HOME Strategy for invisiblywounded veterans that is successful for those we serve.

We call it our ” LIV 4″ program and believe the name pretty much sums up the purpose of our organization!

WE NEED YOU to join our FORCES in the month of MAY and be part of carrying out this important MISSION!

* YOUR FIRST DAILY ACTION in the mission is to VOTE for our programs to win $50,000. It is simple to vote and requires just seconds a day!

Go to, sign in using Facebook or create an account, then sign in daily and vote. Bookmark the page so you have it readily available each day. Or, vote by texting on your mobile phone, type in 73774 in the “To” and 106286 for the message! Simple as that!

* YOUR SECOND DAILY ACTION, is to share the website and text messaging information with all of those you come in contact with through FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, email and so on. Get your online and face-to-facel communities involved!

* After VOTING and PROMOTING DAILY, take pride in knowing you are a VOTE WARRIOR for our VETERANS who need our help and know that you have made a difference for veterans in YOUR OWN community and around our country!!!

Some of the most grateful, and humble people are our military veterans. They do so much, ask so little, and now WE ALL HAVE a chance to THANK THEM in way that will help them live a quality life!! VOTE & PROMOTE

Thank you!

With open arms,
Pam Hays Founder/President
The Arms Forces

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