When your work is your passion and you have found your purpose, the rewards are great! The Arms Forces is honored to be welcomed into the lives of our military veterans, their families, service providers, other organizations,  government entities and communities around our country!

The written and spoken word is very powerful. Some of these testimonials came by way of print, others by way of voice. All of them came from the heart!! We are truly honored and look forward to many years of building trusted, sustainable, empowered relationships that will help us reach out and serve even more!!  

Walk along the path of gratitude with us and read what a few friends of The Arms Forces have to say!




Executive Director

Carlos A. Williams

June 29, 2012

Assistant Federal Defender

Fred W. Tiemann

Research & Writing Attorney

Elsie Mae Miller

Pam Hays

PO Box 981

Maumee, OH 43537

Dear Ms Hays,

Many Thanks for your invaluable assistance to the indigent veterans we represent.  Through you, the Arms Forces provides many resources we either have no knowledge of or cannot provide. 

I have requested your assistance on a particular case in our office. We have relied heavily on your expertise in preparing this veteran’s case for court. I can truthfully say we would be in a much poorer position without your help. We are grateful you will attend his hearing and make his personal situation  real for the Court. You have also contacted other resources that will help him long into the future.

However, it’s not just this particular case. Your knowledge of the VA system and other public and private resources will greatly help us help our veterans.  As a fellow veteran and advocate, I am grateful for the existence of your organization. 

With great respect,

James Green,

Mitigation Specialist

Carole Lewis, SFC Army MOM

I am writing this letter of appreciation to you because of the amazing difference you have made in our lives. You have jumped in with both feet from the moment we first communicated. From the very first phone call you listened, understood and related to everything I said and confided in you about my son with PTSD after returning from his second tour of war in Iraq.  Most importantly is when my son was at his very lowest, you placed the phone call to him and he knew somebody finally “got him” or finally understood! I believe he started hoping again at that very moment. During your devoted work with me and my son you have encouraged, educated, energized and rejuvenated our hope. Your calls and letters caused better decisions to be made regarding my son. You are an awesome Life Navigation Coach. You offer planning and coaching, but above all, you offer yourself, your devotion, your understanding and your love. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We can’t imagine going through this without you. You are now our friend. You are now our family. We love you!

 Becky Hall  Corporal USMC Mom
My son suffered a devastating wound during an IED explosion in Iraq in 2005. While the military doctors were able to heal his visible wounds, the wounds that would haunt the next 2 ½ years of his life and eventually lead to his death were the invisible wounds of war. Our story in not unlike many other families. Time made me realize that not only did my son suffer from PTSD; he also had an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury. My son had no one reach out to him and stay focused on him to get him through what he was dealing with. Being a parent, he would only allow his dad and me a limited amount of insight into his inner conflict. This was an attempt to protect us. There was no one to talk with to help make sense of his feelings and to point him to the resources that could help him. The Arms Forces’ concept of Life Navigation Coaches reaching out directly to our veterans or active duty military personnel who are in need, is the very thing that would have saved my son from his tragic death.   Your program has the potential to nationally reach many more of our suffering and troubled veterans and service members at a grass roots level.
Victor Medina Veteran U.S. Army 
TBI Warrior.com
Pam demonstates the ability to overcome adversities by developing and executing a mission to help so many service members and veterans like myself. Not only is she a great Patriot,but she is a wonderful human being. The Arms Forces’ mission can be summarized in its last paragraph “The Arms Forces is commited to being a leader in serving veterans with TBI or PTSD by addressing their unique needs and providing program sand services that are customized to make the most of their deficits while highlighting their abilities.”  Pam brings a brighter future and hope to TBI survivors like me.  She is the epitome of what a true Patriot and Public Servant should be . She is an example for so many to follow.
Robert A. Huettner   Army Retired
Office of Public Affairs, ICE
I am a veteran with 24 years, three combat tours and retired in 2005. Like many other veterans, I found the adjustment to civilian life difficult, especially when it came to dealing with the physical and mental wounds that we have sustained in the service to our country. Pam was recommended to me by a close friend, Colonel Keith Landry.  She and her organization have done much to assist the soldiers who have returned from combat. Even though she has not been in combat, she has an innate ability to understand what we are going through and what services we need. She has travelled around the country educating on our behalf; she is one of the few who champions of the wounded. The bottom line is that Pam and her organization truly care about our wounded. She actively provides us with the best possible care and chance to become productive members of a society that does not want to understand what we have gone through.  Pam and her organization are more than deserving of any and all support that can be provided.
Stephen Honan U. S. Navy Retired
US Naval Academy
Non profits worthy of supporting need highly engaged, proactive leadership~ Pam Hays is highly recommended as the Founder/President of ‘The Arms Forces!’
Lee Armstrong US Navy Ret.
Executive Director
Lucas County Veterans Serivces Commission
Even though Pam is not a veteran herself, she embraces the military member like a mother would a child; she wants to protect, defend and love each and every one. Her experience with her own traumatic brain injury that she shares is not only heart-warming, but inspirational. It has been a very long time since I have met someone so dedicated and sincere about helping those in their time of need. She is truly an inspiration to all fortunate enough to meet her. The work she does is so greatly needed and her message is finally being heard.
Frank D. Williams
Disabled American Veterans
Department of Ohio
You are to be commended for your personal commitment of helping raise the awareness of our fellow citizens, not only about the sacrifices of our men and women in America’s Armed Forces, but to help them understand that our wounds are not always visible. Perhaps, because you have suffered “invisible” brain injuries yourself, you have acquired the unique ability to connect with and communicate on a personal level with those of us who suffer in silence.  And, your speeches reflect your ability to “speak from the heart” with exceptional insight and inspired enthusiasm, knowing that your cause is right.Keep up the good work, Pam. We need you to continue with your sacred quest to help those who have borne the battle. Speak out for us so that our invisible wounds will not cause us to be lost and forgotten.
Marcy Kaptur
U.S. Represenative
It is my understanding that The Arms Forces provides services that are not provided by any other organization in Ohio or the U.S.  The Arms Forces and Ms. Hays are wisely using the resources available to them and are providing Life Navigation Coaching to honor our nation’s veterans with the chance for the best quality of life possible. I am extremely proud to have The Arms Forces in my district serving our nation’s veterans.
Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton
The Supreme Court of Ohio
I admire your courage, positive attitude and turning adversity into good. You are to be commended for that you have accomplished under such difficult situations. You are a wonderful resource and I see so many ways that you could be of service to folks unfortunate to have suffered TBI injuries. Keep up the good work!
Michael W. Davis
Brain Injury Association of West Virginia
Your presence and subject matter was well received. The responses from those attending were overwhelming, to say the least! You are knowledgeable and have years of experience in your field of expertise. Thank you for making our conference something for our members and attendee’s to talk about for a long time to come.
Tammy  Spouse of Veteran with PTSD
Thank you, Pam! your words of wisdom has helped more than you know or I could ever put into words myself… I look at Don and our ‘relationship’ a little dfferently (good different) now…gave me a whole new perspective and REALLY helped the way I feel about myself and my love for him… I know he loves me the best that he can and I am learning to accept the love love that I DO get from him! THANK YOU AGAIN!
Ryan  Veteran
This wonderful woman has not only told me of her personal experiences and how she helps soldiers. But as I am a medic, EMT, and nursing student, she has helped me by recommending resources that I may utilize in my current education. I persistently try to find ways to help soldiers and Vets while completing my education. And Pam found resources to assist in just that. I thank you, and I would like to thank you on behalf of those who I help and will in the future continue to help. Thanks Pam
CVAVETS, Salutes and Honors PAM, for her dedication and devotion to our veterans, As a WW11 vet who fought at Battle of the Bulge, I am honored that our fight was carried on by Americans such as Pam. Our vets need as much help upon returning home as well as respect and dignity. Thank you again Love you from your fellow AMERICANS