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Day 27 The last weekend of the Challenge for CHANGE

Remember!! The 31 Day TBI Challenge for CHANGE during March, Brain Injury Awareness Month, consists of just two parts:

1.) Please learn something new about TBI every day. We will be posting an article daily on our Facebook and website pages to make it easy for you to learn. Today’s article is below.

2.) Help facilitate CHANGE by partnering with The Arms Forces by assisting us in continuing our efforts for invisibly wounded veterans by collecting your CHANGE daily and at the end of March donating the money to The Arms Forces. (contact information below) Create a jar and label it:

“The Arms Forces CHANGE for TBI” and put it out where you and others will see it. When someone asks you what it is all about, share with them a bit about what you have learned about TBI. Share stories of the people you will learn about through our posts on Facebook and how their lives have been forever changed by their injuries.

If collecting change every day is not your thing then be a part of the CHANGE by making a donation to The Arms Forces through our website or by mailing a check to the address below.

Day 27 The last weekend of the Challenge for CHANGE

It is the weekend so I won’t be writing an article, but instead of our usual weekend video or online article on TBI, I am asking you to be more aware of the people around you today.  When you go to church today, when you stop by the store,  or get gas,  or share a meal in a restaurant of strangers; whatever you do today where other people might be, look in their eyes and greet them with a smile.  Hold back the nasty attitude when they cut you off on the road.  When they don’t say thank you after you bought the item from the store, thank them and wish them a good day.

We just never know what is going on in that person’s life.  We may think a person is  mean and nasty, but they well may be exhibiting the hurt inside of them that has been festering for years. Who knows if they were just diagnosed with a disease, had a child die, a spouse leave or cheat, or a victim of a crime.

Can you imagine going up to a person in a wheelchair and treating them poorly and rudely?  Well, someone whose disabilities you can’t see, may be experiencing the same hurt, pain, emotional discomfort and need a friendly hello and a warm smile just as much as those whose disabilities are “seen”.

If we learn to not just “act” kind to those we think need our kindness at the moment and just learn to BE kind, then we wouldn’t have to pick and choose who “needs” our kindness.  Just BE kind and considerate today. Try it again tomorrow and the next day and the next.  I am absolutely positive that YOUR days will be better because of it!

With open arms,

Pam Hays

Founder/President and severe TBI survivor

The Arms Forces

PO Box 981

Maumee, OH 43537

419-491-1555 –email

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